Fashion Business Online Incubator Program | Knowing Your Brand & Marketing It Successfully

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Fashion Business Online Incubator Program | Knowing Your Brand & Marketing It Successfully

Gitana Styling
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Get coached online by me for 10 weeks via email to take your fashion or beauty business to the next level. I'll help you get clear about your brand and put together a plan, so you can market it successfully. We'll work on important tasks week after week to have an organized, effective, and profitable approach to business. 

If you are not clear about your brand and how to market it effectively and consistently, how can you attract the right customer to your business?

This is what we'll cover:

✨ WEEK 1: Let's put together a simple and effective Business Plan.

✨ WEEK 2: Your Customer Profile. 

✨ WEEK 3: Selecting your Signature Content format and strategy.

✨ WEEK 4: Your Social Media strategy.

✨ WEEK 5: Let's talk Branding. 

✨ WEEK 6: Your Customer's Journey. 

✨ WEEK 7: Email Marketing strategy.

✨ WEEK 8: Let's spread the word with PR. 

✨ WEEK 9: Your Goals for the next quarter (90 days).

✨ WEEK 10: Yearly Business Review. 

What you get:

✨ Welcome kit (3 printables).

✨ 10 weeks of weekly teachings (plus whatever future updates we make to the program).

✨ 15+ printable workbooks and worksheets.

✨ Email support during and after the program. 

✨ A hub with access to all tools and materials. 

✨ Access to our Facebook group to connect + ask questions.

How it works:

✏️ When you purchase this online product, you will have immediate access to a Welcome package and receive a Welcome email within the next 24 hours to get you ready for the program.

✏️ You will receive your first lesson 24 hours after your Welcome email!

✏️ Every week, you will receive an email with a teaching and printables (10 weeks). 

✏️ You must complete each lesson during that week. You have 7 days to work on it.

✏️ You also have 7 days to email me back with any questions, feedback, or comments or you can ask inside the Facebook group.


✅ You will receive 10+ teachings and 15+ printables throughout the program.

✅ At the end of the program, you will have access to a private website with all printables and materials.

✅ This program includes email support for 10 weeks. You can send an email at any time and receive a response within the next 24 hours - unless it's the weekend, then 48 hours. 

✅ Once you finish the program, you can still email us and get support. We'll get back to you within the next 24-48 hours. 

✅ You’ll continue to have access to the Facebook community (lifetime access).

This product is for you if:

✨ You are just getting started with your fashion or beauty business.

✨ If you've been in business for a while, but feel unorganized, overwhelmed, and want complete clarity and focus.

✨ You haven't nailed how to effectively and consistently market your business to create the results you want.

🎁 For an extra $25 you can get the email program plus the Empowering Art Print Kit, which includes 3 inspiring wall art prints in US Letter size!

💕 My Art is My Business wall art

💕 The Next Step wall art

💕 If Not Now, When wall art

Are you ready to get organized and focused to take your business to the next level? 






Let's do this!

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not issue refunds.

What are you doing weekly to build the business of your dreams? 

Join us in this email program to set up your business for success! ✨


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10-Week Email Program

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